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Why 3D Scanning is Increasing in Popularity

Why 3D Scanning is Increasing in Popularity

3D scanning is the technique of capturing a 3D image of the object using laser technology. It creates a 3D file on the computer that can be saved and altered and even 3D printed. The standard theory of taking a virtual image suggests using a 3D scanner that has the capacity to scan objects which is specifically required for manufacturing processes. Advanced 3D scanners are also able to collect both shape and color data. The color data or a 3D scanned color surface is called a texture.

3D scanners are powerful equipment for the professionals working in industries such as aeronautics, medical, jeweler, gaming, animation, movies, and automotive. Being specific, the features of 3D scanning provide amazing results regardless to the type of the industry and its niche requirements. Accuracy, speed, cost effectiveness, reverse engineering, and portability can be considered as the major benefit of modern 3D scanning techniques.

  • As a scan is performed on the object, it gives the exact shapes and dimensions of the internal structures. This reduces the errors caused due to manual intervention by a large extent.
  • Using 3D scanning in reverse engineering offers a high level of precision. The 3D scanners measure every minute space accurately so that each angle is precisely calculated with almost no room for errors.
  • Since, there is no need to deconstruct the entire structure in the case of a flawed design, the 3D model scanned by the scanner can be used to redesign the structure for future while promising better performance and part alignment.
  • By re-designing the objects with ease, one can avoid wastage of time while increasing the scope for better designs. This results in saving a substantial amount of money for the business.
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