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Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering Delivers Precise Results

When a machine or other product that has worked beautifully for years suddenly breaks down, the tiniest part may be to blame. Depending on the age and continued availability of the product or machine, replacement parts may or may not be available. Gamma Foundries is pleased to offer the perfect solution for the latter scenario. Through modern reverse engineering techniques, our team is able to precisely replicate old, worn out parts without a lengthy measuring and drafting process. Using laser scan technology, our team is able to replicate a part as a precise 3D model. This model, in turn, enables faster, more cost-effective reproduction in the suitable alloy.

Just because a metal part is worn out, doesn’t mean it is irreplaceable. Reverse engineering enables pinpoint precision in replications. At Gamma Foundries, our team relies on the latest technology to deliver exceptional results and fast turnaround times. As one of Canada’s leading foundries, we are pleased to offer our clients access to a diversity of services meant to meet their specific metal part production needs. From simple one-offs and large-volume sand casting orders to reverse engineering techniques, our team is dedicated to providing clients the results they’re after. To find out more about our services and how we can help with worn-out metal part replacements, contact us directly.

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