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3D Printing Sand Casting

3D Printing Sand Casting

Gamma Foundries has a history of excellence that dates back to the 1950s, but we pride ourselves on staying the cutting edge with our technology. Our clients will find our foundry is fully outfitted with the latest 3D printing sand casting equipment, which enables us to save them time and money on prototypes and short runs without sacrificing quality.

The 3D printing sand casting process begins by making a printed sand mold or core instead of a more complex pattern. This is achieved by using modeling, simulation or laser scanning techniques that provide the mold to meet the precise specification requirements. Once the design is set, a special 3D printer is used to create a sand mold or core that can be used to replicate the desired part.

At Gamma Foundries, we recommend 3D printing sand casting for a variety of applications. This is the ideal solution for reverse engineering old, worn out parts. 3D printing sand casting is also a more affordable process to use for prototypes and short runs because it lowers the expenses and long lead times involved in making a pattern. The 3D printing sand casting process also enables quick changes of designs if, for example, a prototype requires minor adjustments. The added benefit of the 3D printing process is that it cuts out costly pattern modifications.

Gamma Foundries is standing by to meet clients’ sand casting needs. We can handle any job from one-offs to orders in the thousands.

Why Choose 3D Printing Services

Our 3D sand printing comes with a lot of advantages as compared to conventional casting production. You can engage our 3D printing sand casting to save your time and production cost of sand molds. The molds are formed by compacting Silica sand or metal particles in layers and firmly binding them with a binder. We have discovered that this technique is suitable for prototype engineering and tool enhancement. As the leading sand casting company, we provide molds and cores with furan binder because our printing processes involve phenol binding.

Process & Application of 3D Printing

Our 3D engineering process involves the use of CAD software which creates a casting image to be transferred to a Big Rep 3D printer for production of shapes. This allows us to effectively modify the shapes after receiving a 3D visualization. It truncates the manufacturing process, minimizes the use of production resources, and motivates us to satisfactorily serve our clients.

Gamma Foundries partnered with the most trusted 3D printing companies across the world, to help engineer metal shapes and models to be used in various art industries. We will sand-cast your project using our 3D printer based on a define CAD data set at a topnotch capability. We can even execute molds having complex geometries without constraints. Our engineers are equipped with the latest 3D printing skills to ensure you get a satisfying service.

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