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Types of Quality Control Methods Used for Sand Casting Parts

The sand casting method is one of the oldest and the most popular forms of casting. You can process iron via sand casting and other metals and alloys, including bronze sand casting. Sand casting is an economical and practical process that can generally accommodate changes in size and geometry. A high-quality casting is considered suitable […]

Sand Casting Process: Advantages and Limitations

Foundries are using the sand casting process all over the world, and it is one of the most popular methods for casting metals into desired shapes. There are many benefits of this process and a few limitations. Let us look at them in detail. Benefits of Sand Casting Nearly Any Alloy You can produce sand […]

Here’s How 3D Printing Is Disrupting the Sand Casting Industry

The sand-casting foundry process started around three millennia ago, and the technology remained the same until recently.However, in the late 1970s, 3D printing became popular, and its use in sand casting started becoming popular. It made the process of sand casting faster by eliminating the need for sand moulds. 3D printing and casting are used […]

Brass or Bronze: Which is Better for Casting Services?

Brass and bronze are both sturdy and versatile copper alloys, and their main difference lies in their composition. What is Brass? Here brass is an alloy of copper and zinc and can contain metals like tin and lead. It does not contain iron, though, and it is more malleable than bronze. Brass also has a […]

Eco Brass is the Solution to Avoid the Dezincification of Brass Components

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc used for many purposes in both domestic and industrial sectors. Knowing the composition of the brass you are purchasing is necessary because many unscrupulous elements create low-quality brass. What is Eco Brass? Eco brass is essentially silicon brass created with the help of lead-free casting. This brass […]

Brass Casting Process and Brass Casting Methods

The brass casting service is the process of melting solid brass and moulding it into different shapes. When the liquid brass solidifies, it forms different shapes depending upon the shape of the mould. Different types of casting moulds and methods are used for brass casting. Brass Casting Methods Lost-Wax Casting Method: This method is used […]

What Is Sand Casting, And How Does It Work?

Sand casting has been used for ages to cast different metal parts. There has been evidence of sand casting services being used to design different parts before 1000 B.C. You can use this method to manufacture a large variety of products of varying shapes and sizes. A sand casting foundry can also manufacture the parts […]

Common Types of Nickel Alloys Used for Casting

Foundry companies use nickel-based alloys due to their durability. This particular alloy is known for its corrosion resistance and ability to resist oxidation. One can use the products made of copper-nickel alloy or other nickel-based alloys in harsh environments. The nickel alloys can be divided into the following categories – Wrought Nickel In this variant […]

Differences between Investment Casting and Sand Casting

The sand-casting and investment casting methods are both used for casting ferrous and non-ferrous metal parts. However, the molding process and materials used differ in both scenarios. Investment casting Wax patterns and ceramic slurry are used to build a mold. Sand casting Sand is used to build a mold. Both of these processes have unique […]