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What to look for when choosing a casting supplier

What to look for when choosing a casting supplier

You should not consider the process of choosing a foundry or company for casting supplies the same as choosing a supplier for office supplies or even manufacturing equipment.

Some people consider metal castings commodities, but this is not the right approach. The choice of sand casting foundry or any other kind of casting foundry requires careful consideration.

If you are looking for casting services, you should look at the supplier’s qualifications. It is necessary to find a qualified and responsive supplier.

If you settle for unqualified suppliers because they cost less, then you should understand that this will cause quality problems and result in a waste of time and money in the long run.

Experience in your niche

Most casting suppliers publish the market that they cater to, which makes your choice of a sand casting company simpler. The right kind of experience in your market is necessary, especially if you are looking for suppliers for the aerospace, defence, nuclear or other markets that require high compliance.

Diversity of processes

The supplier you choose should give you the choice of processes like sand casting, stainless steel casting, copper alloy casting and others. This is so that you don’t have to settle for a process that doesn’t suit your requirement.

Testing and certifications

It is advisable to opt for a casting supplier with certifications like Nadcap, PED or ASME. Try to choose a supplier who has the in-house capability of testing processes like non-destructive testing, chemical testing or mechanical testing. It will save time and money compared to outsourcing.

Once you have concluded the parameters mentioned above, you should research the suppliers’ website and talk to their sales staff to understand whether the particular leadfree casting supplier is suitable for you.

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