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Uses Of Cupronickel

Uses Of Cupronickel

Cupronickel is an alloy of Copper and Nickel used for various purposes in many industries.

Cupronickel alloys are of many varieties depending on the proportion of Copper and Nickel along with iron, manganese, aluminum, etc. Due to their corrosion-free property, cupronickel is extensively used in seawater piping, naval shipping, power generation, etc.

Some of the characteristics of Cupronickel alloys are heat resistant, strength, easy to mould into any shape, heat resistant, corrosion-resistant, presentable, etc. The foundry companies use the process of sand casting to set the alloys in the desired shapes.

Cupronickel alloys with some percentage of Manganese and Iron are used in petrochemical industries, refineries and chemical plants in making valves, heat exchanger components, corrosion-resistant pipelines, pump bodies, distillation machines, etc. Cupronickel alloys are also used in transportation, especially in aircrafts.

These alloys also are used in food processing. They are used to make water heaters and packaging systems in the sugar industry and mixers, pipes and tubes in the fruit processing industry due to their corrosion resistance quality.

Cupronickel (CuNi) alloys have great utility in Textile plants for pipe fittings, rolls, and process vessels. They are also used in coinage because of their malleability, colour, corrosion resistance, long service life, antimicrobial features and lasting appearance. Cupronickel alloys are used as cladding in the marine industry to manufacture hulls, saltwater intake screens, offshore gas platforms, etc.

The Cupronickel alloy CuNi44 is extensively used in electrical applications where electrical resistance variation needs to be controlled and minimized due to frequent temperature changes.

Looking at the numerous qualities of Cupronickel alloys like corrosion resistant, heat resistant, malleability, long life, good appearance, low thermal coefficient, low cost and variety, it is wise to use Cupronickel extensively for better performance, assured quality and excellent productivity.

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