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Improving the Sand Casting Process with 3D Printing

Improving the Sand Casting Process with 3D Printing

A Sand Mold Casting Foundry is where “metal” castings are made. Sand casting is the process through which molten metal alloys are poured into molds made from sand. It is one of the most cost-effective casting processes used to manufacture ferrous & nonferrous parts. Aluminum, Copper and Stainless Steel are the alloys used in the sand casting foundry @ Gamma Foundries Inc.

Advancement in technology has helped the Sand Mold Casting industry. A perfect example is the technological advancements in the casting process that has allowed for sand molds, and sand cores to be made utilizing 3-D printing technology.

Sand Mold Casting is used for a wide range of industries and an even wider scope of applications from Commercial to Military, Naval, and Aerospace. Through the utilization of 3D printers in the casting process Gamma Foundries Inc. has the ability to offer shorter lead time for prototypes, and also allowing for the opportunity to manufacture complex geometrical castings.

Another benefit with 3-D sand mold printing is a potentially more cost-effective option especially when there is a lower volume demand. 3-D mold printing can be a less expensive avenue versus the cost of permanent production tooling. The opportunities and possibilities are also limitless with this technology.

Gamma Foundries Inc. have integrated the 3-D Sand Mold printing technology on multiple applications for our Aluminium, Stainless Steel, and Copper based alloy components we manufacture for our customers. Gamma Foundries Inc is continuously researching, validating, and implementing the newest sand-casting foundry technologies available. Our goal is delivering to our valued client base the highest quality, most cost-effective customer experience possible. Gamma Foundries mission is to attain excellence and perfection in every sand mold casting we pour.

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