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Antimicrobial Benefits of Copper and Its Alloys Vs. Other Materials in The Market

Antimicrobial Benefits of Copper and Its Alloys Vs. Other Materials in The Market

During the past months one topic has reached all the main news around the world… COVID-19. During this pandemic, awareness of prevention and the implementation of new strategies to create materials with antimicrobial benefits have grown. In consequence, we want to share with our clients some comparisons between materials with antimicrobial properties. We’ll address Copper and as well as Stainless Steel.

Copper has been one of the most ancient metals used in the world. It has been used in different sectors of daily life such as construction, coins, power generation and transmission, plumbing, telecommunication links and many more. Beside these uses, lately during the past years, one of its main implementations has been on surfaces that constantly are touched by people in places as hospitals, schools, libraries, etc. When copper is used in high quantities on surfaces, it has the characteristic of creating holes on the cell membrane of the bacteria’s and destroying the DNA & RNA inside of them in a couple of hours and killing the 99% of the bacteria.

Stainless Steel is currently a new material started to be used around 100 years ago. This is a metal that has been implemented in the medical industry in healthcare and catering equipment. This material has a great corrosion and heat resistance bringing high durability of the product done with this material. The main reasons why it has been chosen as one of the favourites materials in the healthcare industry are because its durability, ability to clean and also cleaning look. However, stainless steel has no antimicrobial properties by itself.

Copper and its alloys is the best option when talking about antimicrobial properties. It has been used during many years for this purpose, compared to the current favourite of the healthcare industry (stainless steel).

At Gamma Foundries, we are experts in managing and working with these metals and provide the products you need to cover your needs. Contact us on our web page or give us a call for a free consultation. Together we can do our part to go through this pandemic situation.  We encourage people to stay safe. With time and patience, we will be able to prosper and reach the end of this situation.

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