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Copper Nickel Alloys Properties and Applications

Copper Nickel Alloys Properties and Applications

Copper nickel alloy can be found in many different industries. With its beneficial properties, cupronickel alloy enjoys widespread use in various applications. Copper nickel alloys also come in a wide range of product forms, making them perfect for different fabrication requirements. Some of the most distinguishable properties of copper nickel alloy include high resistance to biofouling and seawater corrosion, including resistance to crevice corrosion, stress corrosion cracking, and chlorides, even when subjected to hot climates. Copper nickels also have good thermal conductivity and at the same time show excellent ductility even in cryogenic temperatures. This makes the cupronickel alloy ideal for various applications, especially those that require high strength and flow rates.

Copper and nickel are metals with excellent complementary properties. Placed next to each other on the periodic table, they possess much of the same properties which allow them to be melded as cupronickel alloy. They come in various alloy forms and configurations, each with ideal properties that make them suitable for a great spectrum of industrial applications. The copper nickel alloy is highly durable, but apart from its high-strength, durability, and thermal conductivity, this alloy possesses many other properties useful in various practical applications, such as corrosion resistance, antimicrobial properties and macro-fouling resistance or ability to withstand seawater without corroding. Its anti-macro-fouling properties also make copper nickel alloys highly resistant to algae growth, as well as to sea moss, mollusks, anemones, and other materials and organisms found in the ocean.

Copper nickel alloys are used in a wide range of industry applications such as in energy sourcing, particularly in offshore gas and oil drilling and actual refining processes. Copper nickels are also widely used in designing and constructing ships and piping materials, thanks to its very high corrosion resistance. The material’s bio-fouling resistance makes it highly recommended for a wide range of marine applications such as boat pumos, hulls, ship exchanger tubes, as well as underwater oil and water piping. The cupronickel alloy is also widely used in coin minting, thanks to its anti-microbial properties, which help reduce the spread of diseases through the exchange of currency.

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