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How 3D Printing Improves the Sand Casting Process

How 3D Printing Improves the Sand Casting Process

Sand casting has been into use since quite a long time. For those who don’t know what exactly sand casting is, it is a technique through which many parts from aluminum, iron, steel, and other metals are made by pouring the molten metal in the sand moulds, and letting the metal cool down to form the shape.

Later on with some brushing, and finishing the product is given a final shape. Many sand casting companies use this technique today also to manufacture small and medium-sized parts like brackets, holders, rings, pulleys, engine parts, nuts, gears, pipe plugs, fittings, clamps, and much more.

With the advancement in technology, sand casting companies have also proceeded and improved their way of working. Many doubt, what would be there to be improved in a mould made of sand? Well, with the use of 3D printing, these sand casting companies have brought about a re-engineering effect in their operations. There are many ways through which 3D printing can prove beneficial for the sand casting company: the first and foremost way is the use of 3D printing technology to develop wax patterns, and expendable ceramic shells, which can be used to cast detailed and complex designs. Making such complex moulds manually or without using 3D print technology was an expensive affair, but with the 3D printing being around the corner, the lead time is reduced from weeks to days, the cost involved per mould is decreased, and the quality of the mould let it have a longer utility life. Secondly, 3D printed dies can be used for making the metal product; the molten material which is poured in the moulds to get the desired shape can be cooled down in an even effective way eliminating all lacunas which were there in the olden technique of sand casting.

With so many benefits to achieve efficiency, 3D printing is definitely the catalysts of change for the sand casting companies.

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