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Why You Need to Opt for Lead-free Casting

Why You Need to Opt for Lead-free Casting

Sand casting process has been used for a long time. Lead used to be one of the most widely used metals for sand casting. It was popular for a long time until some researchers found how toxic the metal could be for the environment. Once the negative effects were discovered, many businesses tried to look for a good replacement to lead in metal casting. Fortunately, they found plenty of environment-friendly and safe alternatives such as bronzeeco brass, etc. Most companies now opt for these alternatives to lead casting and maintain their businesses.

Here are a few reasons why you need to opt for lead-free casting too:

  • Products made out of casting materials other than lead are more durable and resistant to corrosion. They have a strong shelf life and do not get damaged easily. You can make these factors your USP in front of your client and earn profits while doing business in a sustainable way. With fewer side-effects, you also ensure the safety of your employees.
  • Lead has been found to be toxic to the environment. It can accumulate in the soft tissues and bones of a person and damage his nervous system. Being a neurotoxin, it can cause brain damage in children. It is ideal to use environment-friendly metals instead of lead for the safety of your employees as well as the environment. Being a sustainable business, you can build a brand value and earn a place in the industry.
  • It is easier to find cheaper alternatives to lead casting in the market right now. Even companies on a tight budget can enter the market by using lead-free casting to make great quality products. Carrying out lead-free casting can help them get a good reputation in the market as well, making it easy to carve a niche in the business.
  • Alloys produced by lead-free casting act as great and affordable alternatives to stainless steel and red brasses. These can be used for a wide range of uses such as water supply devices, shafts, faucets, fittings, etc. Being lead-free, they do not pose a threat to the environment.
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