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Does Quality Management Really Matter in Eco Brass Sand Casting?

Does Quality Management Really Matter in Eco Brass Sand Casting?

As the demand for lead free casting services grows thanks to the popularity of eco brass parts for wet industries such as plumbing, buyers will find that quality does matter. Companies seeking out brass casting service providers that can meet their custom part production needs will find that quality management is an important consideration when selecting a foundry for eco brass casting.

Eco brass has become the alloy of choice for many applications because of its lead free nature. This makes it safer for use in potable water lines, for example. This alloy is also favored for its excellent de-zincification corrosion resistance, outstanding crack resistance, good machinability and strength that makes it a suitable equivalent to stainless steel, among other features.

When a brass and bronze sand casting foundry is under consideration for the production of specialized eco brass parts, it does pay to look into the quality management system that is in place. Foundries that have gone above and beyond to earn and maintain ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certification are committed to creating topnotch parts. Other hallmarks of quality to look for include:

  • Onsite testing facilities – Brass and copper base casting and processes involving other metals demand testing for quality assurances. Reputable foundries will have an onsite lab, chemical analysis capabilities, tensile testing abilities and other similar features. ASTM and ASME certification can also be important as can weldability testing abilities.
  • Experienced staff members – Foundries that specialize in the production of custom metal alloy products parts should be highly experienced. Brass sand casting is a highly specialized process that demands oversight from trained, experienced professionals.

Eco brass parts and fixtures are often used in high stress situations where performance and reliability matter. If it’s time to choose a brass casting service provider to deliver these parts, look for those that go above and beyond to assure quality in the products produced.

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