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What to Look for When Contracting with a Sand Casting Company

What to Look for When Contracting with a Sand Casting Company

Making the decision to contract out with a sand casting company when in-house production demands aluminum, lead free copper, stainless-steel casting, or any other copper based alloy casting is smart. After all, operating a sand casting foundry requires a great deal of highly specialized knowledge and training. Selecting a foundry company to work withtoo quickly, can have negative implications on the supply chain. There are traits to look for that can ensure the foundry that you choose to work with is poised to meet production and quality demands consistently.

When seeking out a sand casting company to create components for product creation, make sure to inquire about these things to ensure a mutually beneficial agreement:

  • Experience in the industry – Metalworking and casting is a highly specialized trade that demands expertise to ensure consistent, quality delivery of components. A sand casting foundry should have decades of experience. Staff members should also be highly trained through an in-house program to ensure quality goes into every production run.
  • The quality assurances offered – Making sure every aluminum sand casting run results in high-quality components should be a priority. A reputable sand casting company will have processes and procedures in place to ensure quality components are delivered to clients every time. The process should include on-site testing of alloys and end products.
  • The safety measures in place – Safety should be a big priority for any sand casting company. The better firms have processes in place to deter accidents while ensuring their operations meet all regulations for environmental and worker safety. These measures do matter for contracting clients because accidents can delay the production process.

Working with a sand casting company to obtain necessary components for end products can save clients’ money, time and hassle. Making sure to pick a reputable firm that delivers high quality results is critical. When end product production relies on contracted component parts, picking a reputable sand casting foundry is essential.

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