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Looking for a Sand Casting Company? Here’s Why Quality Assurances Matter

Looking for a Sand Casting Company? Here’s Why Quality Assurances Matter

Making the decision to contact a sand casting foundry to have necessary metal components made for end-product production is smart. After all, a sand casting company brings the necessary expertise to the table to ensure safe, on-time production of eco brass, aluminum, stainless-steel, and copper components, among others. Making sure the firm hired takes appropriate quality assurance measures, however, is critical for making certain the end products produced under the hiring company’s name deliver as promised to consumers.

When seeking a sand casting foundry for copper base casting, aluminum sand casting, stainless steel and other component production needs, there are certain traits to look for to ensure quality will go along with every order placed. The traits to look for include:

  • Expertise – Sand casting is a highly specialized process that demands experience in mold making, pouring and mass production. Some of the better sand casting foundries have decades of experience. When timeliness and quality matters in component production, experience will simply be a vital consideration.
  • Testing provided – Making certain metal components deliver quality with every production run ordered calls for on-site testing of units produced. A reputable sand casting company will go above and beyond to ensure consistent delivery of porosity-free, pressure-tight castings. To do so, the company will have quality testing built into its process. Testing may include Optical Emission Spectrometer use for copper, aluminum and stainless-steel alloys tensile testing, weldability testing and more.
  • Equipment quality – A sand casting company that can be relied upon to meet customer requirements will have a well-lit, clean production facility that includes state-of-the-art equipment. The very best go above and beyond to ensure quality by operating a strict preventative maintenance programs so that their clients can count on reliability along with quality.

When metal components are required for end-product production, quality matters. Whether there’s a need for lead free casting, C87850 component production or other alloys, working with a sand casting company that puts a premium on quality is vital.

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